The Panchen Lama visits Chamdo

(Tibet.CN)In August the 11th Panchen Lama Bainqen Erdini Qoigyijabu arrived in Chamdo in southwest China’s Tibet receiving a grand welcome from the community and religious masses.

When the Panchen Lama arrived at Bangda Airport, he was met by Chamdo leader Abo, and welcomed by representatives from the various ethnic groups in the region.

Abo presented the Panchen with a Hada, and a young Tibetan man and woman dressed in traditional Tibetan clothes presented the Panchen Lama with Chema and highland barley wine according to Tibetan tradition.

After the welcoming ceremony, the Panchen Lama visited Guangdong Village in Gyitang Township, Chagyab County, Chamdo Ethnic Product Park and other places.

Guangdong Village is next to National Road 214 and is a poverty alleviation resettlement area with 130 households and 695 villagers.

As a poverty alleviation village, its development model is mainly to build a characteristic Tibetan town, with a focus on developing the tourism industry, ethnic handicraft and others.

Combining poverty alleviation with industrial development ensures that residents don’t have to move far and can achieve prosperity. This kind of model is the embodiment of Chamdo’s poverty alleviation work.

The Panchen Lama and his group visited the village square, where he looked closely at every photo on the display board and listened carefully to introductions on the development of the characteristic small town of Gyitang and the construction of Guangdong Village.

Afterwards, he had a look at some characteristic Chamdo products and works of Thangka paintings, as well as holding cordial talks with successors of Thangka paingtings.

The Panchen Lama also learn about ethnic handicraft products and about the production of agricultural and sideline products such as mineral water, barley biscuits and other products.

During the visit, the Panchen Lama said that on arriving in Chamdo the thing that left the deepest impression on him was the peaceful lives that the people here lead.The people living here from various ethnic groups actively take part in the development of a beautiful Chamdo.

He wishes that the grassroots level people can cherish the current situation and put their heart and soul into building a beautiful home.

On hearing the news, local religious folks lined up in a long line holding Hada in anticipation.

On seeing this, the Panchen Lama was  moved very much.Under the scorching sun and in spite of a tiring journey, the smiling Panchen Lama blessed the religious people one by one.