London fire: 58 missing, presumed dead – police

(BBC)At least 58 people are now missing and presumed dead in the Grenfell Tower disaster, police have said.

This latest figure includes the 30 already confirmed to have died in the devastating fire in a west London tower block on Wednesday.

Commander Stuart Cundy said that number “may increase” and that the “significant” recovery operation is likely to take weeks.

“As soon as we can, we will locate and recover loved ones,” he added.

Commander Cundy appealed for anyone who managed to escape from the building, to let authorities know they were safe.

The BBC understands there could be around 70 people missing.

The search of the tower was paused on Friday due to safety concerns, but has now resumed, Commander Cundy said.

The latest update comes following the Queen’s birthday message in which she reflected on the “sombre national mood” following tragedies in London and Manchester in recent weeks.

‘Bewildered and confused’

Prime Minister Theresa May has met victims, volunteers and community leaders in Downing Street.

It comes after she was jeered when she visited the North Kensington estate on Friday.

Meanwhile hundreds of protesters gathered on Whitehall to call for her resignation.

Theresa May says £5m will be available for survivors, and the cause of the Kensington fire is being looked at

Residents caught up in the fire have condemned the “chaotic” relief effort.

Some say they no longer want Kensington and Chelsea council involved in any way.

The BBC’s Matthew Price said senior members of the residents’ association described an “absolute chaos” of “no organisation” from officials.

He added: “They do not believe they are capable of managing the response. Such is the total and utter lack of trust.”

Reverend Mike Long, from Notting Hill Methodist Church, told BBC Radio 4’s Today that people in the community were furious.

“People are incredibly angry, they’re bewildered, they’re confused, they have lots and lots of questions,” he said.

“They feel they’re not being listened to and what they have been saying has not been listened to, and they don’t know how to be able to express those things at the moment.”