Burang County holds 1st Marathon Challenge Match

(xzxw.com)Recently, the 1st Marathon Challenge Match was successfully held in Burang County, Ngari Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region.

The match is divided into men’s group and and women’s group. After more than 4 hours competition, Karma Tsering, who is a Nepalese businessman, won the champion of the men’s group, and Konchog Saldron, who is a student, won the champion of the women’s group.

In recent years, the party committee and government of Burang County has paid high attention to the development of cultural and sports undertakings. By intensifying the construction of cultural and sports facilities and actively organizing relevant activities, Burang County has gotten certain achievement.

This Marathon Challenge Match aims to stimulate people’s enthusiasm to participate in sports and fitness activities, inspire the fighting spirit, and unite powerful force to fight against poverty and build a well-off society.